【Ozawa Concert】

The “36th Ozawa Concert” (closed performance) was held at the Yamanouchi Junior High School Gymnasium in Yamanouchi Town, Nagano Prefecture on the morning of September 13th (Monday).
”Ozawa Concert” started in 1986 has roots in Seiji Ozawa’s strong passion to deliver first-class music to the young.
Seiji Ozawa visited Okushiga when his children attended a ski school, and fell in love with the nature full of land and its people. Seiji eventually began to organize concerts with his fellow musicians in Okushiga, then with the cooperation of the local people, the “Ozawa Concert” came to be organized at the Yamanouchi Junior High School. This special concert has a history long before OICMA was founded.
This year, OICMA academy students first performed a few songs, and then the video of the students chorus was played as a sign of gratitude.
It is customary for everyone to play the school song together, however, the academy students played the school song under the direction of the student this year for Covid-19 precaution.
Hopefully everyone can play together next year! !!
Tomorrow, September 14th (Tuesday) night will be a much anticipated performance in Tokyo!
A few On-the-day tickets will be sold at the reception from 18:15. (Advance reservations have been closed)

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photo : Michiharu Okubo_2021OICMA