Call for Supporters

Non-profit organization Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy Okushiga (OICMA) seeks supporters who will contribute to our activities.

About supporters

Friend Member (Individual)

Initial fee: JPY 5,000; annual fee: JPY 5,000
Benefit: We will send one copy of the photobook “Business Report Brochure” within the fiscal year.

Supporter Member (Individual/Corporate)

Initial fee: JPY 50,000; annual fee: JPY 50,000 (per share)
Benefit: We will invite you to a sponsored performance (one seat per share) and send one copy per share of the photobook “Business Report Brochure” within the fiscal year.

Corporate Sponsor

Annual fee: JPY 500,000 (per share)
Sponsor benefit is subject to discussion.
*Please contact us via the inquiry page for any questions.

How to apply

Enter the required fields in the application form below and click the send button. We ask that you read our privacy policy and consent to this before entering the required personal information. Please note that submission of your application shall constitute your acceptance of OICMA’s privacy policy. See privacy policy page.
Via your chosen contact method below, we will advise details such as how to remit membership fees.
Please kindly note that it may take some time for us to respond.

Application Form