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“The quartet is fundamental to string players, whether they are soloists or orchestral performers. Intensive quartet training with the finest instructors is essential to cultivating world-class string musicians.”

Since we first started teaching chamber music performance in Okushiga Kogen, Nagano, 26 years have passed. Our school now has a respected roster of instructors, including Sadao Harada (cello), Yosuke Kawasaki (violin), Yoshiko Kawamoto (viola), Machie Oguri (violin) and Julien Szulman (violin). In those 27 years, and following the opening of the Seiji Ozawa International Academy Switzerland in 2005, the standards of chamber music performance have steadily risen.

We established Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy Okushiga as a non-profit organization with the aspiration of broadening our perspective to encompass all of Asia, by holding an Academy in Okushiga that music students from Asia could attend as well.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your involvement and for your long-term support.

Non-profit organization
Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy Okushiga
Seiji Ozawa

Non-profit organization Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy Okushiga
Officers list

President Seiji Ozawa
Vice-President Blanche d’Harcourt
Directors Susumu Sugiyama, Kazuhiko Tajima, Tadashi Hori, Seira Ozawa
Honorary Director Kei Anjo
Auditor Yukio Kitamura
Advisors Yasushi Toyoshima, Tatsuya Yabe, Miwako Watanabe, Mazumi Tanamura
Adviser Yukiyoshi Ozawa
Administration Kumiko Hirose, Masaki Tamanaha, Junko Yotsumoto


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