【Thank you for coming to Okushiga performance!】

One of the big stages for 2019OICMA students, Okushiga performance, ended with more than 300 audience at The Music Hall in Okushiga, Nagano pref today.
24 students made total 6 quartet groups, and they each tackled about 10 min long music piece for 7 days.
Some groups struggled trying to find their answers to their harmony, some groups discussed til very late what they want to do with the piece, some groups made life-time friends through this experience.
All team made a great performance in front of full-house audience and they all got off the stage with big smiles on their faces.
At the end of the performance, 24 students and 2 teachers got on the stage together and performed bright Mendelssohn strings octet.
One of our teachers Mr. Sadao Harada says “young people make a great growth during the final couple of days”.
It is exciting for us to see their final performance on July 31st in Tokyo. We are looking forward to seeing you there, tickets are available for purchase.