Announcement regarding the 2020 Academy

We regret to announce that we are canceling the 2020 Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy Okushiga, which was being planned for September 5 through 14. In light of the COVID-19 situation, we determined that it would be a challenge to hold the annual intensive seminars, inviting tutors from abroad and students from Asian countries. We sincerely apologize to all who were looking forward to this. This was a heartbreaking decision for us as well, but we hope for your understanding of the current circumstances.
However, as an alternative this year, we are preparing events on a smaller scale to sustain our vision as an academy. These will include coaching of two quartets (including online tutoring) mainly by Academy alumni, and live streaming of a concert without an audience (venue: Concert Hall, Okushiga). Please see the below for details.

Sep 1 (Tue)–2 (Wed) Seminar in Tokyo
Sep 3 (Thu)–5 (Sat) Seminar in Okushiga, Nagano
Sep 6 (Sun) Concert

◎ Date: September 6, 2020 (Su)
◎ Time: TBD
◎ Venue: Okushiga Kogen Hotel Concert Hall
◎ Repertoire: String quartet and string octet by students, details pending

◉ Participating Quartet 1
Violin: Ribon Aida, Natsumi Tsuboi Viola: Saki Ishida Cello: Misaki Kurokawa

◉ Participating Quartet 2
Violin: Mio Yoshie, Taiga Tojo Viola: Shu Yamamoto Cello: Yusuke Yabe

◉ Tutors: Sadao Harada, Yoshiko Kawamoto, Julien Szulman, Tadashi Hori, Seiji Ozawa

2020 marks the tenth year that we have held the chamber music academy in Okushiga as a specified nonprofit corporation. In the nine years to date, more than 200 young musicians have earnestly engaged with the string quartet, which is the foundation for string players. They have made new discoveries and met others with similar musical aspirations, gaining ample learning and inspiration before going out in the world.
We hope for your continued interest and support of Ozawa International Chamber Music Academy Okushiga.